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How to Generate Business Right Now!

Mary Carroll is a top real estate agent in Florida that has been in the business for 27 years and has been coaching other agents for 5 years. On the Agent Vs Lender Podcast she reveals how she has stayed busy through the pandemic and reveals strategies on how new agents can stay busy as well.

Staying Busy During a Pandemic

Ron: "Whats a good Strategy for those who may be new don't have a past database to refer to? And what has been keeping you busy during this time?"

Caroll: "That's such a great question, Ron. Can I say, first of all, if you've had your real estate license for, you know, anytime, like two years, maybe even one year or less, hats off to you. This is a great and amazing profession. What we're going through with COVID is for a time. The things that made me successful in real estate are these very same things that are making me successful through COVID. If you're a brand new agent, or you've been in the business for 27 years, like I am, it's all about relationships right now. If I were a brand new agent right now in the business, I would pick up my cell phone and I would call every single person in that cell phone and ask them how they're doing. How are they doing through COVID? How are their kids doing? Find out what's going on with them. Have they thought about oh my gosh, you know, now we're all going to be at home for a long time. We've decided we're never going to go back to the office. So ask them "Do you need a bigger home? I would love, love love to help you find a new home." "Did you find out that you don't want to live in a condo anymore? Because you don't want to do that public thing called the elevator anymore?" "Do you want a single family home?" So there's all different kinds of questions that you can ask. It's all about their relationships in speaking to the challenges that people are having right now. I would also add if I were a new agent, I would get super serious about previewing property. So pick some price ranges if you want to specialize between 200,000 and $500,000. By gosh, you get to know your market. You preview at least 10 houses a day and you get to know your market. How to be the amazing expert hone your craft! Take this time to hone your craft."


The Benefits of Having a Team

Taylor: "Do you have a team that works for you? Obviously, you have your lender who, you know doesn't work for you, but you definitely worked as a team."

Caroll: "A huge part of my team is my lender, but I do have an assistant that works for me. She is also licensed, so she does a lot of the running of the buyers. After 27 years I'm kind of making an exit strategy now. So she does quite a bit of that. I then have the office staff that kind of act as transnational broke.r So that's really great that they keep track of that all the initials get done, and where's the loan commitment and helping me reach the deadline. So that's really great a transaction broker I feel is just an incredible resource for us in the in the real estate industry. And then of course, I have my go to home inspector and my go to insurance agent and I go to you know, you put all these people in your pocket, you know, my handyman and my electrician and my plumber and my landscaper and my builder and my, you know, I, so you, you, you have all these people that you really honed over the years. And so I could not do this level of business without any one of them.


Making Real Estate an Everyday Conversation.

Mary: "I'll tell you if you always know the 10 best deals on the market on any given day. It is so easy to sell real estate. I'm telling you it is so easy, because you just start talking about real estate to the people in the grocery line. Or your friend, your buddies are at the gym. Now that gyms are opening back up or when you're, you know, having a cocktail or out to dinner and the waitress or the owner of the restaurant or whoever it is. Everybody loves to talk about real estate, and to be able to say, Oh my gosh, I just saw the most amazing house today. Holy cow. I can't believe I'm bumping into you right now. Want me to show it to you tomorrow? Because it's amazing. Yeah. So that's it. You're laughing but I'm telling you this works."


Reaching out to past databases

Ron: "Is reaching out to your past database still the best thing to do?"

Mary: "Yes, I've been having the best time with my past client database. So much fun. You know, some of its generational now. I sold a house when they first got married and now their kids are getting married. I mean, it's just crazy what's going on but you know, it's "what do you what have you been doing during COVID? what's new on Netflix? What have you been watching on Netflix? What have you been streaming live? What if they have small children? What have you been doing for fun?" I had one couple that did this scavenger hunt inside, which was so fun. There's stuff you know, in neighborhoods now or it's kind of hide and seek. So hide this teddy bear or the Easter egg during Easter time was super fun. But I spread ideas from one of my past clients to the next. So if I'm on the phone, and I know that these people have toddlers, and these people had such a great time with a blow up pool in the backyard and shaving cream, whatever it was, then I spread it to the next one, right? So it's just fun. I've just had the best time I've been having a great time."


Growing Your Business

Taylor: "I think that that's also another important thing. So maybe for some of those agents who are just now getting into it, or loan officers that are just getting into the business. It's definitely a business that you can, you can kind of set your own hourly rate. So you can make a lot each hour or you can really make almost nothing per hour."

Mary: "That's so true. And to your point, you can build it as much as you want. But here's the thing, when your business model is built on relationships, I mean, I don't ask the jerks for referrals, I ask the nice people. So what's happened over 27 years is, I have fun great days in this business. I rarely take on a brand new client that didn't come from a referral or a past client. Rarely, because I don't need to. So I just have all these nice people referring nice people and they're all really qualified. So my average price range is kind of high. So you can actually fine tune and dial in whatever you want to do. If you want to sell double wides in a floodplain, there's that market. But if you want to specialize in well, you don't have waterfront there, I guess you have lakes and stuff, but there it's like, what do you want to be when you grow out. Figure out your vision of where you want to be a year from now, the steps that it takes to get there, and what you know what each of those steps entail. Get some deadlines attached to one get it


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