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Government Grant Money For
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Government grant money for first time home buyers or even those that have owned a home before, are available in many cities, counties and rural areas. You just have to know what to ask for.  Remember that not all mortgage loan officers know about these government grants or can offer all government grant programs. Using a loan officer that is not familiar with how they work can jeopardize your grant.


National Home Buyer Grants

Government Grant for Military Veterans

Military veterans and those active in any branch of the military are eligible for a Military home buyers government grant gives of up to $5,000 to use for the purchase of a new home.  A 3 to 1 match of your down payment will be provided - up to $5,000. For example, if you have a down payment of $1,000, you will receive $3,000. If you have $1,667 you will receive the maximum amount of $5,000. The home must be your primary residence (no investors or second homes) and you cannot have owned a home in the past 3 years.  You also must be under the 80% HUD median income limit for your area. (Call me for that figure)

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City grants and County Government Grants for Home Buyers:
Many counties and cities have "own in (your city)" home buyer grant money programs. This government grant money is available to you from $2,000 to $20,000. Use this home buying grant to pay for a down payment and / or closing costs. 

Most home buyer grants require that you have not owned a home in the last 3 years, although there are a few that don't have this requirement.  All home buying grants are income based. This means that if you make too much money then you will not qualify.  How much that income is depends on the area you are moving to and how many people are in the home.  Call me for details.  


Here are links to specific Utah Governments Home Buyer Grants:
                     (Other states and more links will be coming soon)

Box Elder County Grant is $2,000 
Cache County Grant is $2,000
Clearfield, Utah Grant is $5,000

Davis County Grant is $5,000 
Hurricane, Utah Grant is $2,000
Kearns, Utah Grant is up to $10,000
Layton, Utah Grant is $5,000
Logan, Utah Grant is up to $7,500
Magna, Utah Grant is $10,000
Murray, Utah Grant is up to $5,000
Ogden, Utah Grant is $5,000
Provo, Utah Grant is up to $20,000
Rich County Grant is $2,000
Riverdale, Utah Grant is up to $10,000 
Salt Lake City Grant is up to $10,000
Sandy, Utah Grant is up to $10,000
St George, Utah Grant is up to $6,000 
Taylorsville, Utah Grant is $5,000
Tooele, Utah Grant is $2,000

Utah County Grant is up to $10,000
Weber County Grant is $5,000
West Valley, Utah Grant is $5,000

FULL INFORMATION on Home Buyer Grants in Utah are listed at

Ron Pippin has a list with over 45 Utah Home Buying Government Grants so if I don't have your link active yet or your city or County is not listed, call me!  Check with me to find out which programs have funding right now and which you may qualify for.

Half Price Home Program

Teacher Next Door Government Grant
Teacher Next Door is a government grant where teachers can obtain grants for homes and may be able to buy a home for 50% of the home value.  Teachers must by purchasing a home within the school district in which they teach and may be subject to “targeted areas”.  The home must be the primary residence.

Not much is covered about this program simply because, though a great concept, it is extremely difficult to find a home covered by this program.

Cop Next Door Government Grant
This is the same as “Teacher Next Door” but is a program designed specifically for police officers.

Firefighter Next Door Government Grant
This is the same as “Teacher Next Door” but is a program designed specifically for Firefighters.

Doctor Next Door Government Grant
This is the same as “Teacher Next Door” but is a program designed specifically for EMT and other medical providers.

Good Neighbor Next Door Government Grant
HUD has combined the Teacher Next Door, Cop Next Door, Firefighter Next and Doctor Next Door into one program now called the Good Neighbor Next Door.

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